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Moniek Toebosch

Born 1948 in Breda, the Netherlands / lives and works in Amsterdam

Moniek Toebosch was born into an artistic family. He father was a composer, pianist and organ-player; her elder sister became a ballet dancer, while another sister turned out a flutist.  Moniek set out on her educational Odyssey, starting with the Sculpture Department of the Breda Academy of Fine Arts, then shifted to the Musical Academy only to return to the Fine Arts Academy some time later. This time it was fashion that captivated her. Yet, her graduation project was a 16mm film, since by the end of her studies she already worked with Frans Zwartjes, the future father of the Dutch experimental cinema. As for the mercurial Toebosch, she was to be a pioneer of Dutch performance art, with her interdisciplinary works uniting the practices of theatre, music, performance, video and sound art.  

Francesa de la Dalle (1994) 1994 Video (5’ 40’’)

The artist finds both her key medium and subject in the fact of her mere presence in the world, the fact, which brings creative dimension to every moment of her living. That’s why Toebosch announces her presence to each and every one, including the herd of Belgian cows she accidentally met on a snow-covered winter field. She has been drawing on her own self and her personal experience even when diagnosed with a fatal illness. This dramatic twist of fate hasn’t interfered with the artist's work - she has only found in it a new material for a new creative period. On goes her work, every new day of her life correcting the medical diagnosis. 

Moscow museum of modern art