Tim Parchikov. Features of Intuition
Director’s Foreword

I am delighted to present Features of Intuition, the web catalogue that accompanies Tim Parchikov’s eponymous exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The project has brought together several of the artist’s photographic projects, some of his video works and installations.

It is not the first time that Tim Parchikov’s art is displayed at our Museum. His first exhibition at MMOMA opened in 2010. Now, we have a chance to take a look back and trace the development of Parchikov’s artistic language and the evolution of his methods and ideas.

In Features of Intuition, Parchikov continues to test the limits of photography as a genre, but with a broader vocabulary. Along with the narrative, cinematographic works, we can spot a new approach — the artist’s camera, like that of a photojournalist, captures fragments of reality and offers it to the viewer.

Some of the photo series displayed are nothing short of a proper sociological research, where the artist examines the cultural, social and political aspects of our life. Parshikov’s approach and concept change from series to series: Foundation Pit is very close to cultural anthropology; Suspense is an example of aestheticization of the everyday, while Burning News is an extended metaphor.

Along with preservation and promotion of the 20th and 21st centuries’ art, one of the key priorities of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art is research. Our research programmes go beyond the study of works in our collection: often, they serve as tools helping us to explore and comprehend the world around us. Tim Parchikov has a similar approach — he is an artist researcher, rediscovering the contemporary world through his art.

Vasili Tseleteli